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Wanna buy your own Flying car? Now you can, in mere $399,000. The Dutch company just came up with first commercially available flying car for public.

If you have loads of money these days, then you can do two things with it. Ether you can buy a Rolls Royce Dawn that is worth $400,000 or you can opt for a flying car that will be available in less price than that of the Royce.

Well, it’s your choice, you want to go with a conventional car or a futuristic flying one?

A Dutch company named PAL-V has just started selling world’s first ever commercially available flying car. The company has started taking orders for the flying car as well and will be making one for $390,000.

The flying car that is being named Liberty is fully regulate and approved by safety departments. The company claims that it will comply with all the safety regulation set by government. PAL-V just revealed that they will start the delivery of their very first flying cars aka Liberty from the year 2018.

The first 90 units of the car are deemed as Pioneer Editions by the company, according to Motor Trend. They will be giving up and aura of special exterior and a specially formulated interior as well.

The customers who are looking for personalized touched such as power heating, and other stuff will have to pay an amount of $599, 00 in order to get everything. The Pioneer Edition is sold for high price.

However, after the 99 units of this edition, the company will start selling the standard model which will be called Liberty Sport. It will be available at a price of $399,000.

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