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Chronic diseases
Scientists Developed A New, Less Unpleasant Bladder Cancer Test

image There is a procedure, called cystoscopy, during which doctor inserts a tube with a camera and light into patient‘s bladder. Currently, it is a standard diagnostic technique for bladder cancer.

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Modernized Firefighting

image Civil engineers and firefighters are working in collaboration to make today’s structures as fireproof and safe as possible.

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7 Earth-Like Planets Could Be Best Bet to Find Alien Life

image Astronomers call Trappist-1 the most incredible star system they've ever seen. A newly discovered set of exoplanets only 39 light-years away could be the perfect lab for finally proving we aren't alone.

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Whole Grains May Lead to A Healthier Gut, Better Immune Responses

image A new study highlights the benefits of eating whole grains over refined grains, after finding that the former may lead to a healthier gut and better immune responses.

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E-Cigarettes Act as Gateway to Smoking for Teens, Scientists Warn

image Vaping acts as a gateway to smoking, scientists have warned, after finding teenagers who used e-cigarettes were four times more likely to start smoking tobacco within a year.

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