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Crops Survive Extreme Heat and Drought.

Adaptive Symbiotic Technologies put a fungi-based product on the market that enables rice, corn, and other crops to bear up amazingly well during drought and temperature extremes.
According to Lapowsky, the product, called BioEnsure, is a blend of microscopic fungi. Dr Rusty Rodriguez and his wife first discovered in the 1990s. They had been trying to figure out how some plants were able to grow in the barren soil and at extreme temperatures at the center of Yellowstone National Park.
They discovered that fungi had colonized the plants and essentially lent them extra resilience. When the fungi were removed in the lab, the plants failed under the same heat.
BioEnsure-treated corn crops generated 85 percent more yield than plants that were not treated. What's more, says AST vice president of business development Zachery] Grey, BioEnsure appears to be particularly effective on organic crops, which aren't treated with chemicals and other additives for protection.     
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16-09-2014 09:51 AM