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charging Battery Modules in Electric Cars.

Engineers develop algorithms to out and recharge battery modules in electric cars.

A team of engineers at the University of California, San Diego, develop a battery, which is cumbersome and requires large, heavy equipment to swap out and recharge smaller units within the battery, known as modules.
They named the project Modular Battery Exchange and Active Management, or M-BEAM for short. Engineers have converted a car, a 2002 four-door Volkswagen Golf and built all the modules for one of the two battery packs they plan to use and are now looking for sponsors for their project, including companies or individuals that appreciate the benefits of having small exchangeable battery modules in an electric vehicle.
This game-changing technology idea may seem straightforward, but there were some tough technical challenges that we had to solve to make this system robust and practical. Swapping battery modules could also have far-reaching implications for mobile and decentralized electrical energy storage systems such as solar backup and portable generators. The technology can make energy storage more configurable, promote safety, simplify maintenance and eventually eliminate the use of fossil fuels for these applications.
This technology requires a completely different way of thinking on battery management. Electric storage capacity is increased when modules are connected in parallel, but this requires a careful control of stray currents between modules.
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19-09-2014 03:51 PM