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Artificial Skin That Detect Pressure and Heat
20-Year-old to launch world’s first ocean cleaning system in 2016
Science, Technology and Innovation Award Ceremony!
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የጎሚኖ ማሽን
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Wireless Heated Mug
Self-Healing Concrete
ሞፈር ላይ የሚገጠም በመስመር መዝሪያ መሳሪያ
What Technology park is? And it’s strategic importance
ተንቀሻቃሽ የብሎኬት ማምረቻ
Cars That Can Drive Themselves
የመሬት ምንጣፍ ማምረቻ ማሽን
Technology for Producing Hydrogen Fuel
Paddy/Wheat thresher
Hacking Photosynthesis
Crops Survive Extreme Heat and Drought.
Smart material from Chewing.
Audi has made a synthetic, high-grade fuel from plant sugars
Solar Power for Portable Device
Batteries included a solar cell that stores its own power
The new super planet
Octopus Arm Inspires Future Surgical Tool
Converting Carbon Dioxide Into a Valuable Resource.
Sun-power For Drinking Water
Mini agricultural plow machine
Paddy/wheat reaper harvester
Rubber Meets The Road With New Carbon
What is Uber?
Digital intelligence
Top 10 technologies of 2014
Battery technologies
Fueling cars with water
Unique waste cleanup for rural areas.
Plastic waste management
Plants found to alter soil types
High protien diets lead to lower blood pressure
Wind turbines become more efficient with added rotors
Drone Deliveries In Project Wing trials
charging Battery Modules in Electric Cars.
Harvesting energy from walking around.
Encryption: a source of trouble
New technology turns manure into clean water
Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2015
Solvable silicon circuits and sensors
Electric power transmitted wirelessly in japan
Famous wheat gene discovered
GM eucalyptus approved for commercial use in brazil
One Billion Trees a Year Using Drone Technology
Material Harder Than Diamond.
New gold nano cluster technology improves solar cell performance
New discovery will enhance yield and quality of cerial and bio energy crops
Researchers investigated the charge transport perovskite solar cells
Ethiopia agriculture hotline provides opportunities for farmers
First Head Transplant Could Happen In Two Years
Battery 'can charge phone in 1 min'
Latest in clean water tech: tech bicycle
Electric power for transportation sector
Engineering Environmentally Friendly Dam.
Moth Species for Biological Weed Control
Oxides could advance memory devices
Mind reading headphones play music based on your mood
Skin wearable health monitors technology
Plant Receptors for Pathogens
Brain controlled bionic legs are finally here
New cloaking device uses ordinary lense to hide objects
Don't drink bottle warm water, study says
Electrical Stimulation Proven To Accelerate Healing.
Smart bulb that can adjust itself based on your behavior
Producing plants and animal meal without soil
Training workshop on STI data collection has been conducted
Simple computer test can detect early signs of alzheimer daises
Hazar Seed Industry Coming To Ethiopia
Sunflower shaped dish makes power, fresh water
Biologists delay the aging process by remote control
China plans to clone everything from beef cattle to the family dog in this giant factory!
Energy drinks raise blood pressure, study finds
New UN Initiative to Boost Access to Science and Technology
Changing temperature power in hard to reach places
Solar cell efficiency improved with new polymer device
Scientists might be able to change the cells in blind people’s eyes, giving them the power to see again.
Plants prepackage beneficial microbes in their seeds
Ethiopia; WB to assist Ethiopians industrial development
China’s Huawei boosts schools connectivity through projects in Ethiopia
New technology tha prolonged power in mobile devices
Car manufacturers make their own green technology choices regardless of policy
Smart, eco-friendly new battery made of seeds and pine resin
Microbe Produces Ethanol From Switch Grass
Converting Food Waste To Other Products
Ontogenetic therapy will allow blind people to see again
Fingerprint using sweat could solve decade old crimes
European commission launches scientific debate on how to feed the planet
MIT engineers develop new technologies to battle super bugs
New method to control nano particles with light and magnet
First commercial quantities of cellulose ethanol from woody biomass marketed
New Technology For Graphene Commercialization.
Harnessing Kinetic Energy From Door Movement

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Material Harder Than Diamond.

Researchers from Troitsk have developed a new method for the synthesis of an ultra-hard material from spherical molecules made of carbon atoms that exceeds diamond in hardness.
In their work, the scientists note that diamond hasn't been the hardest material for some time now. Ultrahard fullerite has surpassed diamond to become first on the list of hardest materials.
This is a carbon molecule in the form of spheres consisting of 60 atoms. The carbon spheres can be arranged in different ways, and the material's hardness largely depends on just how interconnected they are. In the ultrahard fullerite discovered by the workers C 60 molecules are interconnected by covalent bonds in all directions.
What makes synthesizing fullerite in large quantities so difficult is the high pressure required for the reaction to begin. Formation of the three-dimensional polymer begins at a pressure of 13 GPa, or 130,000 atm. But modern equipment cannot provide such pressure on a large scale.
The scientists in the current study have shown that adding carbon disulfide (CS2) to the initial mixture of reagents can accelerate fullerite synthesis. In addition, while previous efforts to synthesize fullerite at a pressure of 13 GPa required heating up to 1100K (more than 820 degrees Celsius), in the present case it occurs at room temperature.
Source: science daily


17-09-2014 12:56 PM